Public Administration



Family name: Said Asadi
Position: Head of Public Affairs
Contact number: 34279303 -083
Call Number (Internal): 217
Place of service: Room number 19
General and specific duties description:
1- Affairs related to attendance, mission and leave of administrative personnel
2. Supervising the performance of the Faculty Facility Unit
3. Supervising the good performance of the unit's services department in particular, general cleaning of classes and labs, all buildings and facilities, and the collection and disposal of waste
4- Observation of the work of the School of Green Space Services Company
5. Supervising the work of contractors at the college level
6- Reviewing and transferring requests for equipment and educational equipment and the needs of general and administrative supplies and supplies at the college
7. Coordination of student-level programs at the level of the organizations. Support for ceremonies of student ceremonies in coordination with the students of the faculty.
8- Supplying facilities and facilities of the staff of the faculty
9. Plan and submit plans for controlling and reducing the cost of the faculty
10. Planning to improve the quality of the administrative services of the faculty
11. Provide the necessary communication tools to facilitate the faculty delivery
12. Supervising the construction and landscaping of the faculty
13. Supervision, evaluation and follow-up of the good work of the relevant units of the faculty including services, warehouses, workplaces, facilities, sites and halls
14- To anticipate the logistical and technical requirements of the faculty and to carry out the necessary actions for obtaining credits.
15. Receive applications for study groups (statistics, mathematics, physics and biology). Follow up and review and referral to superiors.
16. Reporting and referencing matters outside the authority of the faculty to the relevant units (maintenance department, logistics, administrative affairs, etc.) and their follow-up.
17. Supervising the good work of the private publishing faculty.
18. General control of classes in terms of chairs, whiteboard, lighting, color, heating and cooling
19. Planning and tracking for the transfer of equipment and supplies required by units
20. Establish coordination and supervision of the college's warehousing matters, including the following tasks: 1. Receiving and controlling items purchased by the college's staff and issuing warehouse requests. 2. Separation. Creating and maintaining items according to the nature of the goods in stock and delivery to the units. 3- Estimate common needs of the faculty and set and track the purchase of general items
21. To do all that is announced by the supreme officials.