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Deputy Group: Mr. Dr. Mohammad Rasti Weas
Expert Group: Ms. Leila Gholami
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Department executive agents

The Department of Physics at Razi University of Kermanshah started its activities in 1351 with a faculty member (Dr. Abdul Ali Goya) and with the cooperation of five faculty members from the University of Nehru. The group's initial training included 40 undergraduate students. The number increased in the following years with the addition of faculty members. In 1992, the physics group began admitting a postgraduate student, and in 2002, she began admitting a PhD student.
Currently, the Physics Department of Razi University continues with two research institutes, educational and research laboratories, as well as 22 scientific colleges in solid, theoretical, fundamental, nuclear, molecular, meteorological and geophysical fields.












 Solid, nuclear, molecular atomic, meteorological




 Geophysics, Particle Fundamentals, Solid State, Nanophysics, Nuclear, Molecular Atomic, Theoretical




Theoretical, Particle Fundamentals, Solid State