Name and surname: Soheila Hemmati
Position: Head of the Office of the Presidency
Call number: 34279298-083
Call Number (Internal): 204
Address of the place of service: Department of School, room number 16
General and specific duties description:
1- Receive the order and work schedule from the faculty
2- Performing relevant baccalaureate and overseeing the affairs of the faculty in interacting with the central organization
3. Coordination and setting up meeting times with staff and faculty dean
4- Establishing a correspondence with the head of the college with the inside and outside and vice versa.
6. Notifying the participating members of the meetings and committees formed at the head office of the faculty.
7. Monitoring the request of the groups.
8- Drafting some administrative letters of the head of the faculty and deputies on the necessity.
9. Reporting of completed work.
10- Registration of referees' fees in the relevant system.
11. Public Relations Faculty.
12. Performing other assignments in accordance with the order of the head of the department.