Unit of property





Name and surname: Shahpour Khalili
Position: In charge of warehouse and property of the Public Affairs Office
Phone number : -
Call Number (Internal): -
Address of the place of service: not reaching the presidential post, opposite the Department of Education, Faculty of the Room No. 28
General and specific duties description:
1- Performing the necessary actions for the installation of special signs and number labels, on each property and on the basis of the existing inventory balance. Consumption of goods at the end of each year.
2. Issue of a withdrawal license for property, the preparation of a blank property item, and sending it to the US Department of State for obtaining permission for sale or issuing an order for the removal, inspection and examination of the property register.
3- Maintenance of the statistics of all movable, stolen or destroyed property, according to the letter of the state property and their registration in property offices
4- Counting and retaining all available property in the staff and delivering it to the utilizing personnel.
5- Preparing the relevant form and monitoring all the transfer of property between individuals and registering it in the system
6- Sign and sign all receipts and property transfers
7. Perform other related matters according to the authority of the superiors in accordance with the system requirements
8. Organizing and entering the school goods in the property system
9. Planning and tracking for the transfer of equipment and supplies required by the units
10. Co-operation as a caregiver at the end of the exam.
11. To do all that is announced by the supreme officials.