Name and surname: Pouran Dzhederam Mehr
Position: Officer and Registrar of Public Affairs
Phone number : -
Call number (internal): 214
Address of the place of service: not reaching the Education Department of Faculty Room No. 5
General and specific duties description:
1- Registration and administrative and educational letters issued and received in automation and non-automation
2. Calculate the termination of faculty members
3. Typing, scanning and archiving of administrative, educational, research and student letters through automation and non-automation and their follow-up
4. Submit application for college purchases
5. Sending and distributing incoming and outgoing mail to related units
6- Letter of letters for letters sent by groups (follow up of administrative letters from statistics groups - Maths - Physics - Biology)
7. Conduct invitations to the faculty members to participate in the Selection Committee and Shura School
8. Assignment of faculty members and administrative and educational letters (certificate - legal certificate).
9. Co-operation as a caregiver in the end-of-year exams.
10. Perform all the affairs announced by the faculty director.