Name and surname: Fereshte Safarzadeh
Position: responsible accountant
Contact number: 34279304 - 083
Call number (internal): 202
Address of the place of service: not reaching the headquarters room number 20
General and specific duties description:
1. Office of Accounting and Bookkeeping Systems efficiently and effectively in accordance with the laws and regulations of financial and legal
2- Maintenance and control of the account credits transferred and spent
3- Take necessary measures in the field of payment of salary
4. To register on time and on the date of the occurrence of all financial events in the field of wages
5- Preparation of balance of payments, budget, profit and loss account and other financial statements
6- Preparing a summary of the status of fees, payments, claims, debts, cash flow of the faculty and ... providing it to the financial management
7. Review, preparation and adjustment, control and verification of all accounting documents
8. Perform all computer services related to the company's financial activities
9. Participate in accounting training classes
10. Close accounts and set up final accounts and send accounting documents to the account
11. To do all that is announced by the supreme officials.