Educational Deputy Dean of the Faculty


DR.Soleiman Khazaei


Contact Number of the Educational Deputy Dean : +98(83)34279302
Email Address of the Educational Deputy Dean :

Corresponding address of the Educational Deputy Dean : 

Kermanshah – Baghe Abrisham - Razi University - Faculty of Science – Dean's office



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Bachelor of Science from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad

Master of Mathematical Statistics from Shiraz University

Ph.D. in Mathematical Statistics from the University of Paris 9 (Duffin), France - Field of work: MCMC nonparametric statistics on probability

Duties of the Educational Deputy Dean


The educational dean of the faculty has the responsibility of planning and directing all education in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and overseeing the proper implementation of the regulations and educational guidelines, some of which are as follows:

1.       Implementation of the rules and regulations approved by the university

2.       Planning and setting policies and procedures for implementation of the laws of the University's educational council

3.       Supervising and coordinating the implementation of training groups and efforts to solve their educational problems

4.       Preparing and adjusting the education policies of the faculty and presenting it to the dean of the faculty

5.       Supervising all educational and research activities of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students

6.       Addressing students' educational misconduct through the disciplinary committee

7.       Evaluation of the annual teaching practice of faculty members and educational staff

8.       Establishing communication and coordination with the relevant directors of the university's deputy for the implementation of the regulations and approved educational guidelines.

9.       Holding regular sessions of Education Committee and postgraduate studies

10.     Establishing and coordinating with the university's postgraduate management to implement the relevant rules and regulations

11.     Supervising the implementation of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate examinations

12.     Participating in the sessions of the Education committee and postgraduate studies of the university and implementing and reflecting the results in the faculty

Full Names of Educational staff and their contact numbers


Contact Number





Education Head

Arya Sanjari



Education staff

Somayeh Daeichin



Education staff

Mohammad Khosravi



Educational expert of Mathematics department

Shahnaz Shahbazi



Educational expert of Biology department

Mitra Bakhtiari



Educational expert of Statistics departments

Omidali Ahmadi



Educational expert of Physics department

Leila Gholami